1968 AMC AMX

Hertz Rent A Racer

Welcome to my portal dedicated to the restoration of a very rare 1968 AMX Hertz Rent A Racer. To my knowledge this maybe the only surviving documented AMX Rent A Racer in existence. This AMX is in the process of a total rotisserie restoration and this web site will document the restoration of one very rare AMX. The car was purchased in Denver Colorado on May 17  2004 and trailered to Ontario, Canada.

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Below is some of the documented information I have regarding her history.

The original Ad from a late 1980's posting by Larry Mitchell of AMX Enterprises Ltd.

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This AMX was sold on May 17 1968 by:

Wentworth & Irwin, Inc

1005 W. Burnside Street

Portland, Oregon


Sold to:

Hertz Corporation

632 SW Pine Street

Portland, Oregon


Please be patient as I will update the web page on an on going basis.

Looking for the following parts


You can email me at the email address below if you have any additional information regarding this vehicle. If you were a previous owner or rented the vehicle please send me your comments as I will add them to the web page.

E-Mail: littleironhorse@storm.ca

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